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Felecia Killings

Welcome to The Conscious Conservative Network

Felecia Killings

Welcome to The Conscious Conservative Network

We are empowering rising leaders to build social, political & economic empires in their communities.

Welcome to The Conscious Conservative Network

"The essence of conscious conservatism is to demonstrate how moral conservatism empowers us to create social, political, and economic empires. When each person functions in his or her respective greatness, excellence becomes the norm." 

- Felecia Killings

Our vision

We are the premiere network that empowers rising leaders to build social, political, and economic empires within their communities.

Our mission 

We aim to train 1,000,000 leaders to become:

  • Conscious Conservative Evangelists

  • Conscious Conservative Authors, Speakers, and Podcasters

  • Conscious Conservative Trainers & Coaches

  • Conscious Conservative Community Leaders & Advocates

By doing things a better way, we are confident we will be the change we want to see in our nation.


Our Philosophy

Conscious Conservatism is based on the belief that spiritual laws and principles guide our human behavior and interaction. As humans, we conserve these truths and implement these values in culture, society, and politics. 

Conscious Conservatives use our words to tear down godless ideologies that rise up against our spiritual, conservative values; and then we seek to build and plant again in our communities so people thrive.

Conscious Conservatives empower. Even when we point out problems in our communities, we immediately present viable solutions WITH the people so we each prosper. We do so because we understand spiritual laws, which is higher-level thinking. 

Simply put: Conscious Conservatism is an ideology based on moral conservative principles that focus on empowerment and progress in politics, culture, and society.

The Conscious Conservative Movement and Its Pillars

Since 2019, the Conscious Conservative message has spread wildly on Twitter and now Instagram. Our social media activism has bridged the gap between White and Black Americans; and we grew in strength by partnering with other empowering movements in the authentic conservative space.

These empowering movements include:

Our Movement is connected to dozens of voices who spread the empowering message via media outlets that reach millions, including (but not limited to):

  1. Sonnie Johnson of Sonnie's Corner
  2. Kira Davis of Red State
  3. Jeff Charles of Red State
  4. Wayne Dupree of The Wayne Dupree Show
  5. Shermichael Singleton, Republican Strategist and Political Commentator for various outlets

Lastly, we share a connection with community activists, ministry leaders, business men and women, and many more.

The Conscious Conservative Movement is founded on 10 pillars:

  1. The Law of Love
  2. The Law of Mercy and Grace

  3. Law of Reconciliation

  4. The Law of Truth and Justice

  5. The Law of Faith

  6. The Law of Attraction

  7. The Law of Action

  8. The Law of Thanksgiving

  9. The Law of Forgiveness

  10. The Law of Sowing and Reaping

Members of the Conscious Conservative Movement strive to apply these laws in our lives and towards the people we are called to serve. In doing so, we will see the greatest revival and reformation in our homes, churches, communities, and nation.

Our Network Features

As a member of The Conscious Conservative Network, you receive access to:

  • Our Conscious Conservative Blog

  • Our Conscious Conservative Online Leadership Summit

  • Our Conscious Conservative Event Partnerships (Separate Fee)

  • Our Conscious Conservative Cohorts

  • Our Conscious Conservative E-Books

  • Our Conscious Conservative Network Professors

Become a Conscious Conservative Member

To join our Network and become a General Member:

  1. Click "Request to Join"
  2. Create a general profile
  3. Complete the application form (10-minute exercise)
  4. Check your email within 48 hours for the Acceptance Email

*Please note: If you do not receive an Acceptance Email within this time frame, then you have been placed on the Waitlist. We accept new members based on the funding we receive from our Beloved Sponsors.

Become a Beloved Sponsor for the Conscious Conservative Leaders

The Conscious Conservative Movement has launched. We have reached tens of thousands with the online message. And now we are ready to bring the teachings and training to the local level.

The Conscious Conservative Sponsor Drive is our fundraising initiative in the movement. We want to deliver FREE training materials and sessions to rising leaders who cannot afford our membership fees.

Donate today at

To learn more about The Conscious Conservative Message and Movement, visit

Our Founder & Visionary

Felecia Killings is an award-winning coach, entrepreneur, author, cultural reformer, and visionary. She is the CEO of The Felecia Killings Foundation, an online organization and ministry that empowers Beloveds to engage in this end-time revival and national reformation.

Since 2016, Felecia’s influence has tapped the political sphere. Using social media as her primary method for outreach, she virtually trains political voices and conservative voters with effective strategies for reaching black audiences. In September 2019 alone, her social media content has reached nearly 2,000,000 people with a small following of 4,000+. And over the last 12 months, Felecia’s online communications training has caught the attention of Hollywood celebrities, conservative politicians, media commentators, and black conservative outlets. Such names include Isaiah Washington, former star of Grey’s Anatomy; Joy Villa, singer and artist; Shermichael Singleton, Republican strategist and political commentator on CNN; Dan Crenshaw, Texas Congressman; Rebecca Mansour, Editor-at-Large and Breitbart News Host of “Breitbart News Tonight;” Sonnie Johnson, Host of “Sonnie’s Corner” on Sirius XM; Tara Setmayer, Host of “Honestly Speaking w/ Tara” and CNN Contributor; and many others.

As the Founder of The Conscious Conservative Movement, Felecia and fellow Influencers train rising leaders to exercise dominion in all social, political, and economic affairs using spiritual laws.

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